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Our team is qualified to consult the construction project at both planning and delivering stages to support your project management decisions. We can competently advise your design team on national structural, fire safety, sanitary and environmental construction Codes and Standards. We can also help your legal team in contracting the local service and material suppliers. Our engineers can develop and deliver to your tendering authority a complete local supplier qualification programme. Additionally, for brownfield projects we do engineering surveys to assess the fitness for purpose of the existing assets.


If the construction project is stuck or if there is a compliance issue reported, our Engineers can assess the equipment, structures and materials to establish the nature and scope of a potential damage. We can laboratory test the materials and interview the engineering personnel to further prove our assumptions. Our subject Engineers can look beyond financial figures: we see the correlations and understand the interconnections the accountants don't see and understand. Oil& Gas, Mining, Civil Construction, Power and Telecoms are the areas of our forensic engineering expertise.  


Being highly qualified in project financing, we offer a specialized construction cost consultancy and monitoring service. This service allows our clients having an independent opinion on how the project performs in comparison to the market and agreed budgets. Construction financial monitoring is delivered by regular project finance documentation review and inspection visits to the site for reviewing& witnessing the actual progress. 

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