We are Independent Engineers.

Our role is to bring in transparency, predictability and optimisation to organizationally and technically complex projects in the region. Our Qualified Engineers are experts in providing assurance and control services for both commercial and public sectors. 



Project Management

Nowadays the technology allows constructing amazingly ambitious structures. The human factor is minimized to the numbers never historically been so low. The role of Independent Engineer at the construction projects however is still very important and will become even more important...

Integrity& Reliability

Our quality, environmental and safety engineers will audit your operations and propose a set of policies, procedures and IT solutions for helping you in becoming and operationally excellent company...


This is all about Better Decisions. Your Decisions. Based on Highly Professional and Truly Independent Opinion we are capable to give.   


Helping You in Making Better Decisions

The key to making right decision is accurate and relevant information to support your decision making. Independent Engineer is a party professionally and impartially gathering such information for you.


"We needed to have a professional and unbiased  look at how our last year capex was justified. It became surprisingly clear that nearly 30% of it could have been avoided. And what is more important we now know how to avoid these in future."

—  Marco Soli  —
CEO. Bellatrixwest