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Our Competence

We are Independent Engineers. Our role is to bring in transparency, predictability and optimisation to organizationally and technically complex construction projects in the region. Our Qualified Engineers are experts in providing management, assurance and control services for both commercial and public sectors.

Aemtex is accredited and licensed to provide the services offered


Client Promise

Competent. Independent. Dedicated.

We are a team of construction management engineers with over 15 years of experience for each of us. This is to include the most significant projects in the region.

We do not supply or construct. We never promote certain technology. We conduct a complex background check on all the team members and maintain a rigid compliance programme on every project we manage.

We are driven by a belief that our services help in assuring public safety and prosperity. We do make projects more transparent, meaning safer and less resource consuming.


Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan are the countries where we have delivered and are delivering the projects.

Company head office is in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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