Supply Chain Assurance

Supply Chain is a very sensitive aspect of any project and operation. Managing supply chain means managing safety, quality and compliance at the very input of the business processes. Being experts well established in the region, our engineers can help in identifying& mitigating the compliance and technological risks of your Supply Chain in Central Asia. We provide vendor audit and qualification services, fabrication and shipment inspections. We can also develop and implement complete Supply Chain assurance and control programme. 

Project Management

Our construction engineers ensure that projects are built according to design and specification, take care of the quality of construction, oversee on the safety of the works. Execution planning and monitoring, quantity surveying and cost monitoring services are fundamental issues of the assignment.

Aemtex takes full responsibility of supporting the Owner in the administration of the contract with the Contractor. When our customer is the Contractor we take care of the respect of planning and of the compliant execution of the project.

Operational Excellence

Being excellent in operations and being lean means everyone in your organization constantly looks for ways to rationalize all aspects of operations. It includes things like manufacturing for quality and just-in-time inventory management. But it also covers the responsiveness of your entire operations, achieving organizational and operational excellence, improving the quality of your products and / or services and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Aemtex Engineers will work with you to ensure your operations are more cost-effective, controlled and lean. That could be through identifying the value-add per activity or developing a seamless, integrated flow way of working. We look at the whole value stream, we help you identify opportunities to eliminate waste and inefficiencies throughout your entire operations.

Integrity Engineering

Asset Integrity and Reliability Engineering is a well-developed discipline. There are many methodologies, qualified professionals and specialized equipment out there. But when it comes to remote locations and small operations the assets are maintained by using reactive techniques. We took the role of promoting this smart concept beyond the traditional market. We provide complete baseline survey, asset audit, site inspections and training services to support the customers in improving their engineering infrastructure management practices. 

Forensic Engineering

If the project is stuck or if there is a compliance issue reported, our Engineers can assess the equipment, structures and materials to establish the nature and scope of a potential damage. We can laboratory test the materials and interview the engineering personnel to further prove our assumptions. Our subject Engineers can look beyond financial figures: we see the correlations and understand the interconnections the accountants don't see and understand. Oil& Gas, Mining, Civil Construction, Power and Telecoms are the areas of our forensic engineering expertise.